Notable Buildings and Museums

Railroad Museum
The Madison Schoolhouse  serves as the Railroad Museum..
Steel Wheel Cafe
Food for those that are hungry.
Gas Station
Typical gas station from the 1920s and 1930s. Lots of petroleum memorabilia to investigate.
Fire Station Museum
Firefighting equipment from 1850 through 1955.
Typical small town jail complete with our local bad guy in the cell.
Black Smith Shop
Typical old black smith shop complete with forge and tools.
Print Shop Museum
Typical homestead print shop found in little towns on the prairie.
Barber Shop Museum
Just like every other town with men who needed a haircut and a shave.
Ice Cream Shop
The place to be if you want homemade ice cream made with the help of a steam engine.
Antique Transportation Museum
10,000 square feet of antique bicycles, trucks, cars, and more. Many are very rare.
Tractor Museum
37,500 square feet of building packed with tractors. Large prairie tractors, Caterpillars, row crop tractors, and rare strange tractors.
Beaver Creek Church
This is a typical Scandinavian church that was built in 1890. The church is used for services held at Heritage Park events and is available for rent for weddings and other gatherings. 
Ellington School Museum
Typical Iowa school house from 100 years ago. It is as it was, complete with desks, stove, and more.
Timberland Museum
Said to be the biggest Indian artifact collection in Iowa and one of the biggest in the United States. Filled with minerals, fossils, weapons, china, dentist tools, and much more.
Holtan Museum  #1
A building filled with Stan Holtan’s wood carvings, several looms, general store, and more
Holtan Museum  #2
A building filled with sewing machines, crochet, trunks, dentist office, and more.
Holtan Museum #3
A building filled with model house including a thresher’s dinner and a room full of military models and artifacts.
Doll House
Over 200 dolls collected or made by Ruth Holtan.
Log House #1
This was home for 11 people (two families) one winter.
Log House Museum #2
This is a much bigger log house than normal.
Trappers Log House
This was home for the rough and ready trappers, pretty humble but much better than a dug out or a tent.
Entertainment Pavilion
Entertainment stage with seating with table options for 240 guests.
Farmstead House
Typical house from the early 1900s.
The Farmstead Barn Museum
The barn is filled with artifacts that you would find on the farm 50 to 100 years ago. This includes tools to work on animals, milking equipment, horse harnesses, wrenches and shop tools, wind generators, barbwire collection, wooden water pipe, unidentified tool contest, and even a 600’ continuous handmade wooden chain.
Horse Drawn Equipment Barn Museum
The barn contains planters, manure spreaders, hay loader, cultivators, fanning mills, cement mixers, buzz saws, collection of chain saws, wagons, and much more.
Steam Engine and Threshing Museum
Approximately 30 steam engines and 40 threshing machines. Many of these machines are rare, all are interesting.
East Barn
Horse stalls, machinery storage, and a 36’ x96’ upstairs room for barn dances, meetings, and parties.
Saw Mill Building
Contains the Ruble saw mill and visitor gallery.

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