Animated Demonstrations

The following are individual demonstrations of various activities that you might witness while at Heritage Park of North Iowa. Each animation was created by Jerred Ruble.

For each demonstration simply click the image to start the animation. You may click an image a second time to stop the animation.

Steam Engine

This demonstration shows the operation movement of a Steam Engine running.

Steam Demonstration

Hay Bailing

This demonstration shows the process of Hay Baling, using a stationary engine as a power source.

Baling Demonstration


This demonstration shows field plowing using a Steam Traction Engine as a power source.

Plowing demonstration

Prony Brake

This demonstration shows the usage of a Prony brake to test horsepower of an engine.

Prony demonstration

Rock Crushing

This demonstration shows the usage of a rock crusher with a steam engine for power.

Rock demonstration


This demonstration shows the usage of a saw mill.

Saw demonstration

Single Making

This demonstration shows the creation of shingles using a gas tractor for power.

Single demonstration


THis demonstration shows the operation of a Thresher, using a steam engine for power.

Thresher demonstration

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