2021 Steam School Online Registration

Traditionally a number of people cancel for varies reasons opening up slots. To be added to our wait list on a first come basis, please contact us at steamschool@heritageparkofnorthiowa.com.

A total of 0 openings remain. We have a limit of 50. This allows us to maintain a ratio of 4-5 students per engine.

Current Registrations

Allison Pollock
Amy McDonald
Andy Schneider
Annette Trachta
Bailey Klontz
Billy Voth
Bob Nesselroad
Brad McKenna
Brandon Blaess
Chris Knopf
Christopher Busch
Christy Skauge
Cooper Prochaska
David Bartels
David Lester
Dwight Anderson
Jeff Durdin
Jim Checkel
John Scheltens
Kari Thorn
Keith Anderson
Kelly Klontz
Kristin Schneider
Lanny Reese
Larry Keeven
Laura Vatland
Lisa Krumm
Mary Adelmann
Matthew Ellis
Mike Burns
Mike Kvale
Miranda Peterson
Mitchell Pollock
Nick Severson
Paul Adelmann
Peter Busch
Rod Trachta
Ross Swyter
Ryder Haugen
Sarah Senlycki
Steve McLaughlin
Travis Bitner
Travis Vatland
Victoria Nesselroad
Wes Boettcher
Wyatt Lindstrom
Zach Robinson
Zach Robinson
Zane Woodle

No Open Spots Available

At this time all spots have been reserved. We do have spaces open if people cancel, so please check back!

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