2018 Steam School Online Registration

Traditionally a number of people cancel for varies reasons opening up slots. To be added to our wait list on a first come basis, please contact us at steamschool@heritageparkofnorthiowa.com.

A total of 13 openings remain. We have a limit of 45. This allows us to maintain a ratio of 4-5 students per engine.

Current Registrations

Adam Sacquitne
Alex DeWispelaere
Alexander McBurney
Bill Thurman
Brian Field
Daniel DeWispelaere
Jeff Engberg
Jesse White
Jim Call
Jimmy White
Joan McBurney
John Kirby
Joseph Creighton
Josh McCauley
Kelly Sieleman
Mark Bakker
Mark McKeown
Mary J Adelmann
Matthew Horstman
Melissa Fox
Michael Ridenour
Michelle Peterson
Nicholas McBurney
Patrick Feild
Paul Adelmann
Randy McCauley
Ray Sutton
Teresa Thurman
Travis Feild
William Creighton
Willie Thurman

Please provide the information below to register!

After registrating we will contact you via e-mail in late April or early May with more event details.

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