Policies specific to the International Festival

+ Our Festival is smoke-free in all buildings.

+ Our Festival is alcohol-free.

+ Show respect for others. No abusive language allowed.

+ Vendors check in and out with vendor coordinator at west gate on Highway 69.

+ All state laws governing minors are in effect.

+ Vendors are responsible for cleaning up their own area & putting trash bags into the dumpster by the church.

The Event Chair/ Event Coordinator is ultimately responsible for behavior of participants and vendors, restrooms and supplies, opening and closing gates, putting trash into the dumpsters, cleaning up grounds, and returning Park to pre-event status (benches, tables, machinery, etc.). The Event Chair must be a Heritage Park member.

In the event of non-compliance with policies or unfavorable behavior by participants or vendors, final responsibility lies with the Event Chair or Events Coordinator. Or call the authorities.

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