Let Us Host Your Club's Annual Event

Heritage Park also is available for hosting the annual gathering of tractor clubs. Local, regional and national clubs are all welcome. For national shows we would change from our normal 3 day show format to a 4 day format if this is desired by your organization. Of course we typically only host only one such club during our June show, but depending on the size of the organizations we do occasionally host two such organizations during a single show. Heritage Park provides a separate area for the club members to display their equipment and also have an enclosed Feature Building which is a secure area for the smaller memorabilia to be exhibited. We have ample belt and draw-bar opportunities for those who would like to work their equipment.  Typically we have 4 steam powered threshers in operation and just as many gas powered threshers. We have 7 platform plows ranging in size from 6 bottoms to 14 bottoms. And we have ample ground for all tractors to plow. We normally give the feature equipment line priority for plowing. We also have a double headed saw mill, a 4-headed planer, a corn sheller, Corn husker and an ensilage cutter.

There are several options available for the club’s that desire to have a banquet. The most convenient is Friendship Hall which is located on the campground. The Hall is air conditioned and can hold as many as 500 people. 2018 rental fees are $350. A returnable clean up deposit of $350 is also required. They offer a cash bar and numerous menu options are available and of course the cost depends on the menu selections. Other smaller facilities are also available. Heritage Park will assist the club in securing a facility and caters if so requested.

We also have a local photographer that takes excellent panoramic photos. We can help  commissioning him if this is a desire of your organization. Following is a his photo of the tractors at the 2017 Rumely Expo held at our grounds.

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